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How to Remove Dog Hair from the House: 6 Fur-tastic Tips

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Two yellow Labrador Retrievers sitting side by side.

One thing I’ve battled for years is how to remove dog hair from our house. While I don’t mind a little pet fur on me, as an allergy sufferer, the struggle of dealing with endless fur around the house is a critical chore. I have tried so many things over the years. Some work amazingly well. Some, eh, not so much.

Over the past year, we have adopted two Labrador Retrievers. And, while they are as sweet as can be, they shed enough each day to make a whole other dog! So, it became imperative to find a way to control the furball tumbleweeds rolling around our floors. After some trial and error, I am happy to present to you six of my tried-and-true methods to keep pet fur under control, making your living space fresher and more enjoyable for everyone.

My fashion philosophy is, if you’re not covered in dog hair, your life is empty.

Elayne Boosler

1. The Furminator: Your Grooming Best Friend

The Furminator Dog De-Shedding Tool

The Furminator was my very first tool that became a game-changer to remove dog hair from the actual dog BEFORE it hit the floor, bed, couch, or my clothing! Before this tool, we used brushes that did little more than remove the loose hair on the top of our dog’s coat.

This grooming tool effectively eliminates loose fur from your pet’s undercoat, drastically reducing shedding. Using this miraculous, hand-held rake once or twice a week does wonders to keep your home fur-free (especially when my 80-lb. labs blow their coats). Plus, your furry friend will love the extra attention and scritches they get!

2. Remove Dog Hair from Furniture or Blankets with the Chom Chom Roller

The Chom Chom Roller that removes dog hair from furniture, blankets and carpeting.

Say goodbye to sticky lint rollers that barely make a dent. The Chom Chom Roller is a reusable, eco-friendly device designed to pick up even the most stubborn pet hair from furniture, clothing, bedding, and carpets. It’s a must-have for quick clean-ups and ensures you’re always ready for guests. This little device is my go-to every morning to remove dog hair from blankets while making the bed (because, of course, our pets sleep with us, duh!)

This tool works like a lint roller, but the hair is deposited into a little receptacle that you press a button to open and empty. It is amazing how much hair it collects every day.

3. FurMe Vacuum: Pet Hair Specialist

The FurMe Vacuum grooming tool.

While I truly love the Furminator to remove dog hair, we find that is better done outside, so the wind can carry the fur away. During the winter, the FurMe vacuum takes pet hair removal up a notch.

Specifically designed for grooming and tackling fur, it comes with various attachments to groom effectively. And one of those attachments looks VERY similar to the Furminator with one difference. As you use it, you push a button, and the hair it has collected gets sucked into the vacuum canister. Its powerful suction ensures no hair is left behind, making it an essential tool for pet owners.

In the colder months, I use this weekly.

4. Shampoo Brush with Nubby Ends: Bath Time Bliss

Shampoo Brush for dogs is good for dog hair removal.

Bath time can be more than just a cleaning routine; it can also help manage shedding. A shampoo brush with nubby ends not only lathers up your pet’s coat but also massages and loosens fur, which reduces shedding. Your pet gets a spa-like experience, and you get less fur around the house. Win-win!

When I was looking for the perfect shampoo brush, I came across this tool. I can hook it either to my shower or my hose, so it works well in any season. Our dogs typically hate baths (which is weird because they are Labrador Retrievers), but they find this shower massager kind of soothing, I guess. It does a great job removing the dog hair. Four enthusiastic paws up on this tool!

5. Roomba with Self-Emptying Feature: Hands-Free Cleaning

A Roomba j7 with self-emptying bin is great for hard surfaced floors and sucking up dog hair.

I had a Roomba years ago. And while I liked it, I found that constantly emptying the dustbin was super annoying. I’d have to hunt down wherever it was held up. Then, physically take it to the trash can for emptying.

But then, I splurged on the self-emptying Roomba j7 model. And I named him Mr. Darcy (yes, after Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice character).

Imagine having a little helper who tirelessly sweeps up fur while you relax (except on Sundays, of course). This Roomba with an auto-empty feature is precisely that. This smart vacuum navigates your home, collecting pet hair and debris, and empties itself when full. It’s perfect for maintaining a clean home without lifting a finger. I love that he is on his own zoned schedule every day. Different parts of the house on alternating days really help remove dog hair consistently. It does have a drawback, however. It does not do a great job on carpeting.

6. A Fantastic Vacuum: Your Daily Ally

The Shark Vacuum has great HEPA filtration for keeping that doggy smell under control.

As I mentioned in number five above, my Mr. Darcy runs every day except Sunday. Unfortunately, Mr. Darcy kind of sucks (lol) at carpeting. Luckily, we have mostly LVP or tile throughout our house. But I do love a good area rug. So, once a week, I pull out the big gun and use our upright vacuum.

I’ve had about every brand and model of vacuum on the planet. But a few years ago, I bought this Shark model designed to remove dog hair (well, probably cat hair as well). I was looking for features such as strong suction, HEPA filters, and specialized attachments for pet hair. This particular vacuum has a sealed HEPA system. So, your vacuum emits NO ODORS (no corn-chip-smelling air being blown around.) Vacuuming the area rugs just one day a week keeps my living space clean and reduces allergens, which makes it more comfortable for everyone, including my allergy-suffering self!

Fur-the-Love-of-Clean: Embrace the Journey to a Hair-Free Home

Embrace these tools and methods to turn the battle to remove dog hair into a manageable task. With some elbow grease and the right gadgets, you can bask in the love of your furry friends without turning your home into a fur-nado. Regular grooming, vacuuming, and pet-friendly cleaning hacks can make all the difference.

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