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Mary Kay Andrews: the Great Southern Novelist Spinning Tales with Wit and Sass

If you’re looking for a summer read (or a winter, spring, or fall read, for that matter) and are unsure where to start, look no further than Mary Kay Andrews. This New York Times bestselling author has written over twenty novels, most set in her beloved home state of Georgia. From her very first book, Savannah Blues, to more recent works like Sunset Beach, Andrews has a knack for writing stories that are funny, heartwarming, and always just a little bit naughty.

Decades of Bestsellers

Andrews’ first novel, Savannah Blues, was published in 2002 to critical acclaim. Since then, she’s published one novel almost every year—several of which have been New York Times bestsellers. Some of her most popular titles include Deep Dish, The Fixer Upper, Blue Christmas, Hissy Fit, Ladies’ Night, Spring Fever, Summer Rental, and The High Tide Club. No matter what time of year, there’s always a Mary Kay Andrews book perfect for the season.

The first book I read by Andrews was Hissy Fit. That book hooked me within the first few pages. I then discovered the Weezie and Bebe Books Series set in Savannah, Georgia and on Tybee Island, Georgia (Andrews even owns a home you can rent on Tybee).

Southern-Flavored Themes

Themes Andrews explores in her work include love and relationships, family drama, friendship, small-town life, and Southern hospitality. Her books often feature strong female protagonists facing some kind of crisis or upheaval in their lives. They’re the kind of women who are smart and sassy and never take any guff from anyone—but they’re also vulnerable and flawed, which makes them relatable and real. I like that the dialogue reads as real people speak. I find myself always rooting for her main characters. In short: they’re the kind of women we all aspire to be.

Each book usually has some kind of mystery or puzzle to solve. Sometimes that is a murder or some other type of whodunit.

Why She’s a Bestseller

So what is it about Mary Kay Andrews’ books that keep readers coming back for more? First and foremost, it’s her laugh-out-loud humor. Whether she’s poking fun at Southern stereotypes or exploring the complications of romantic relationships, Andrews always finds a way to make her readers chuckle. But underneath the surface laughs are stories that are richly textured and deeply emotional—the kind of stories that stay with you long after you’ve turned the last page.

Kathy Hogan Trocheck Novels

Kathy Hogan Trocheck is the pen name of Mary Kay Andrews, and is best known for her mystery novels featuring the character Callahan Garrity. Trocheck has published eight Callahan Garrity Mysteries, with the most recent one being The Family Jewels. The books follow the exploits of Callahan Garrity, a former police officer who starts her own housecleaning business. However, Garrity is not your typical housekeeper – she has a knack for finding clues and solving crimes. As a result, her mysteries are always fast-paced and full of twists and turns.

I see on Amazon that these novels are now showing Mary Kay Andrews as the author. But they are the same great books. Callahan Garrity Mysteries are a perfect choice if you’re looking for a lighthearted mystery series to curl up with.

So if you’re in the market for a great read for any season, look no further than Mary Kay Andrews. Her novels are funny, heartwarming, and always just a little spicy – perfect for a lazy day by the beach or pool or curled up on the couch with a blanky. And don’t forget her Callahan Garrity Mysteries! These mysteries are lighthearted and enjoyable, perfect for when you want to take a break from the heavier fare. So what are you waiting for? Pick up a Mary Kay Andrews book today. You won’t be disappointed!

Below is a list of Books by Mary Kay Andrews/Kathy Hogan Trocheck. I have read almost every single one and can highly attest to their fabulousness! 🙂

Books by Mary Kay Andrews

Callahan Garrity Mysteries & Truman Kicklighter

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